Escola Voladors is located at  -MÓN- La Bassa. «La Bassa» is a place in nature where animals live – and humans are invited to live with them respect, and love them. At «La Bassa,» humans can find a space for personal growth, for learning about life, and for becoming a responsible and loving being.

-Món- La Bassa has existed since 2007 when Laia Galeano, founder, began to rescue animals, seeking to guarantee them a dignified life, free from pain and suffering.

-Món- La Bassa is an animal Sanctuary where animals rescued from situations of risk or abuse, can enjoy a second chance of life – full of love and dignity.

More than 300 animals coexist on the farm. Some animals reside temporarily until a good home is found for them, while others are permanent residents. In this case, they try to live as naturally as possible in a protective environment.

The animals are never sold, exchanged, or used for consumption or exploitation in any way.

The Animal Sanctuary is the soul of -MÓN- La Bassa. Through animals, we get in contact with our most human part: with what we like and what we don’t. We become better humans bu interacting with animals.

-Món- La Bassa is a non-profit association that is also dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of our approaches to animal welfare, as well as the development of educational projects with a vocation for social change and solidarity activism.